Fees for Services

Currently we have suspended all workshop activity because of illness. We have modified our workshop materials and they are for sale as patterns in our store.


$400 for a 1.5 hour lecture, plus Q&A session. AMinimum of 1 full-dayworkshop is required in order to book a non-local lecture (within 100 miles of Lebanon, PA). PLEASE, schedule our presentation before your business meeting and/or show and tell.


$500 per day for full-day workshops. $400 for half-day workshops. Workshops require a minimum of 15 students and up to 40 students. George and Virginia teach all workshops together.


$500 per day for full-day demos. This fee will include all techniques and an extensive question and answer period. Total time would be 6 hours. When available samples would be given to the interested parties.


Our multi-day (3 or 4 day) retreat packages are $600 per day. Minimum 15 students and up to 40 students.

(This package includes our trunk show presentation).

All payments including- Lecture, Workshops and Expenses: are due immediately upon completion.


George and Virginia's patterns, books, fabrics and notions will be available for sale to interested students at both workshops and lectures. The guild / conference will not expect to collect a commission from these sales. Because students like to purchase and use the same items that were demonstrated and we wish to maximize the students learning experience.

We will require that your venue allows the free exchange of money. (some churches and libraries do not allow sales, this would be an unacceptable venue)

Lecture Requirements:

We will bring our own quilt stands and podium. The guild / conference must provide one table up front for "staging" the quilts and 3 tables on the side or rear of the hall for display of items for sale.

Classroom Requirements:

The classroom must have an electrical source for each student table. We do not use irons. We will need 3 tables for George and Virginia's workshop materials and a work station for George & Virginia to demonstrate various techniques.

Kit fees:

All sewing classes have a required $60 kit fee per student. (no sharing) This kit has the complete pattern with foundations, schematic, worksheets and other useful information. It also includes George's "Triple Duty Seam Allowance Guide."plus the special fabric needed to complete the top.

The workshop kit fees are collected by George & Virginia a the end of the workshop, no exceptions. The guild will not collect these fees in advance as it only creates confusion. We accept, cash, checks, MC, Visa, Discover and American Express.


All travel expenses to and from our home in Lebanon, PA to your location will be the responsibility of the guild / conference. Since we do not fly, you will be charged the current IRS mileage rate for the round trip. If we could extend our trip with other guilds within 100 miles, all travel and additional lodging expenses will be shared.


George & Virginia require lodging in a FIRST FLOOR non-smoking hotel/motel room. No private homes please. The guild will pay the hotel fees with a credit card prior our arrival. Preferred accommodations would be similar to a Holiday Inn Express, Hampton Inn etc.


All appropriate meals for George & Virginia will be provided by the guild / conference while we are on location.


The guild or George & Virginia may cancel or postpone a visit up to 30 days prior to the event. Cancelation for unforeseen circumstances (sickness, weather, etc.) can be at any time. If the guild should cancel after we have left our home, they would be responsible for and billed for our mileage to and from your location.

If your workshop cancels in the middle of a multi-venue tour, your group will be responsible for covering our daily minimum rate of $500.

George & Virginia Siciliano
420 Little Pond Lane
Lebanon, PA 17042
(717) 272-0782


George & Virginia Siciliano 2012