Currently we have suspended all workshop activity because of illness. We have modified our workshop materials and they are for sale as patterns in our store.

"Let's Get To The Point"

This workshop is a real hoot. We have developed a ‘multi day’ retreat package that will absolutely ‘knock the socks off’ all participants. Wow, talk about a good time. Folks, this is what ‘quilting’ is all about.

We will come to your site, do our trunk show presentation to help inspire creativity and originality.

Next we provide each participant with the “Designing Logs” kit so they can create their own original pattern. And then... hold on to your hat. With our help, and just a little coaching, these folks will certainly surprise themselves. The most common phrase heard will be “you mean I designed that?” With the use of my blocks they will create their patterns, some will create multiple patterns. I have found that as the day progresses the excitement level grows and grows.

Your completed design will then be mounted on a work sheet. Next, we will help you choose the colors needed for your design and provide the fabric necessary to complete the top. We will give you the numbered foundations (printed on our Foundation Stuff), cutting charts and block schematics for the blocks you have chosen for your original design. (All included in the kit.)* George will demonstrate his unique piecing technique using his ‘patent pending’ seam allowance guide (included in the kit).

SUPPLY LIST: Sewing machine (in good working order) with an open toe foot; light colored thread (white or gray); rotary cutter, mat and a 12” ruler; colored pencils; digital camera (optional) if you have one.

*Kit Fee:$70.00 includes the Designing Logs Kit (6 sets of my blocks with 30 blocks in each set for a total of 180 blocks**), numbered block schematics and cutting charts for each of the blocks you choose for your design*, numbered foundations for all of the blocks you chose in your design (max 28)**, more than enough fabric to complete your quilt top (max 4 yards)**, my ‘patent pending’ Triple Duty (8” model) seam allowance guide.

**Extra fabric, foundations, “Designing Logs” sheets, cutting charts, fabric and schematics are available for sale if wanted.

In order for the retreat to be a success we need a minimum of 15 quilters and we have had as many as 42. Your venue will determine the number who will fit comfortably. (we figure 2 to an 8’ banquet table).

George & Virginia Siciliano 2012