“Ribbons” Super Kit

I have made a "pattern kit”available for my quilt I call “Ribbons”. This is not just another pattern with a few sheets of paper you’ll never make.

This Pattern Kit comes with the following1.- 134 foundations printed on 60 pages of our Foundation Stuff.( We charge $3 for printed pages of Foundation Stuff)

2.-18 pages of instructions and diagrams.(We normally charge $2 per page of printed materials)

3.-Our 12” "Triple Duty Seam Allowance Guide” Use of this “seam guide will make construction of this pattern a snap.

The total price for this kit is $190+$3 postage.(postage is always $3 no mater how much you order)*

If purchased seperately this kit would cost $195.00. Unlike lots of patterns which leave you with more questions than answers this is one you will actually make and not stuff in the drawer. As with all of my patterns you may email me with a question and I will respond. I want you to finish this project.

"Ribbons" options

FABRIC IS PURCHASEDSEPARATELY There are so many ways to color this pattern that you may wish choose your own or go to our store to see the gradated offerings. I personally like to use gradations and the entire color wheel.For“Ribbons and Hues I used 13 - 6 step gradations (each color of the color wheel+black to white I had lots of fabric left over. It was a good stash builder??

I can tell you that this pattern is loads of fun to sew and as with all of my patterns just follow the numbers. The happiest part? Well it's finishing and seeing this beautifull work of art and the saddest part is finishing. (what do you do now??) I'll have another one for you by then. This quilt finishes out to a 52” circle. Larger if you include borders to square it off.

This is our “Triple Duty Seam Allowance Guide” If you have never seen or used this , you are in for a wonderful surprise. The instruction sheet is complete, the sequence in order to use this tool is printed right on the back of the tool and if you need a little more clarification just look at thetutorial below. I’m a show me kind of guy!

George & Virginia Siciliano 2012